Goodbye, Plurkpix!

Plurkpix 是一个第三方网站,用于方便各位用户在 Plurk 贴图。由于该网站使用方便无广告,有很多人用它来贴图。现在上面已经有5万余张图片了,一个贴图站的流量必然相当可观,一直以来,Plurkpix 都是依靠网友的捐助来维持的。早先我就想过,这样一个网站维持起来必然有难度,为此我还曾经弱弱的向别人说,尽量不要用 Plurkpix,为他们节省一些空间和带宽吧。
在前几个月的一次偶然访问中,Plurkpix 的当月捐款目标就是在最后一刻由一位网友完成的,当时我就感到有点心酸。
最后一天,$300 的计划只完成了 $104。由于捐助不够,Plurkpix 不得不下线了,图片在1月10号前尚可使用,如果有图片还可以试试能不能倒出来。




Due to bandwidth overages, I am blocking sites that are trying to use plurkpix as a free image host outside of plurk or twitter.
This is the last day to reach the December goal. Plurkpix will be taken offline by midnight if the goal is not met.

December Goal $300 : $104 donated so far

浏览趣图的 Gallery 模式:

DONATIONS / ADVERTISING 页面里的文字: is made possible by you, the user. It is currently ad-free and I hope to keep it that way. It takes about $200/month to pay the bills that keep plurkpix running. Buying an inexpensive server once in a while costs about $500, and perhaps the occasional pizza to feed the programmer is always a good thing. If you feel this service has been valuable, please consider donating a couple dollars!

Thank you to all our November sponsors who raised $402... the November bills totaled $414, so this last period ran at a slight loss of $12. Our highest-paying supporter this month was from Matthew P, who donated $180 and kept PlurkPix online for December. Matthew P. will be recieving the custom-engraved Apple iPod Shuffle as a thank you gift, and all donors will be recieving a thank-you postcard.

Please remember that PlurkPix _only_ stays online through your generous support and donations. Even sponsoring with as little as $5 helps keep this service online and running. If you use the service, please consider a small donation using the paypal button on the main page.

In addition, to thank our sponsors I have placed a banner on the front page. It randomly selects one of our sponsors and the level they have sponsored the site:

  • $200+ Lifetime Sponsor
  • $100-199 Gold Sponsor
  • $50-99 Silver Sponsor
  • $20-49 Copper Sponsor
  • $1-19 General Sponsor

Martin Bogomolni (plurk: martinbogo)
Programmer / Creator of Plurkpix

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